Corporate Events

We do more corporate events than any other type of party. Whether it’s a holiday party, customer appreciation event, convention, sales seminar or just an employee moral booster, an Atlanta Arcade & Gaming Rentals party is sure to keep your guests entertained all night long. Call or email us today for a free quote!

Holiday Parties
Intern Celebrations
Sales Seminars
Customer Appreciation Events
Sales Goal Celebrations
Sponsorship Opportunities
Boosts Employee Moral
Promotes Co-Worker Interaction
Increases Employee Attendance & Retention
Creates Competitive Spirit & Environment
Great Bonus Option

Corporate Events

Whether you’re hosting a conference, or some type of training seminar, there’s always room for another form of entertainment. Sometimes conferences can run lengthy when it comes to presenters, speeches, and award ceremonies. Research shows that in order to better process information presented, breaks are very necessary. The sweet spot for when those breaks should be seems to be around every hour or so (1). At Atlanta Arcade & Gaming Rentals we can’t think of a better way to blow off some steam after a long presentation than with one of our arcade rentals!  Call today to secure yours for your next event! 

Office Parties

Did you know that a study in 2017 done by Randstad showed that 90% of workers would rather receive a bonus, or extra vacation days rather than attend their company holiday party? (2) Don’t let 90% of your employees feel that way! There are plenty of incentives to boost attendance to any office party. Arcade and gaming rentals are the perfect push to get 100% of your employees in attendance. Not only do arcade games provide nostalgia for so many people, they also allow people to block out their surroundings and just have some fun!  Check out some of our available games for your next office party! 

Employee Appreciation Events 

Studies in the past have shown that more than 70% of workers admit to being motivated to work harder when their higher authorities show them appreciation for the day to day effort put in (3).  Nothing says appreciation like walking into work and completely being taken back to your childhood and into an arcade! This is not only a great incentive for employees alone, but it is also an inclusive incentive. It allows individuals to work hard for the success of the entire team, opposed to only celebrating select employees. Find out how you can turn your office space into your own arcade to show your employees your appreciation!

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