5 Event Ideas You Can Use For Your Next Company Party

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Arcade/Barcade Party

If your company is looking for event ideas in the Atlanta area, an 80s arcade party is a perfect solution! With in-home gaming on the rise, arcades seemed to be a relic of the past. However, an 80s arcade party for your corporate or social event is the perfect way to revisit the past and have a ton of fun. Games give your employees the perfect break from the hustle and bustle of work and help them relax between any awards or other ceremonies that the event may entail. If alcohol is allowed at your event, it can easily be turned into a “Barcade,” which is an increasingly popular type of place to socialize.

There are companies that can furnish the games necessary to have a great time with your employees. These companies can bring the fun, prizes, and memories to your employees, making the event stress free and enjoyable for all. By offering video, tabletop, arcade, sports and interactive games, this 80s themed arcade party guarantees something for everyone. At the end of the night, the individual with the highest ticket count may just win a big prize, or maybe they just have bragging rights around the office for weeks to come!

Toyland Event

Whether you’re young or old, there is always going to be nostalgia surrounding toys. These pieces of metal, plastic, and faux fur bring back memories of simpler times for everyone. Therefore, if your company is looking for event ideas, a Toyland party would be spectacular. The decorations available are seemingly endless, and it offers a great way for employees to take something back to their desks to remember the party afterward.

At the party itself, you could offer an etch-a-sketch contest, a jacks tournament, or even a round-robin pogs league. This type of party is also a great way to get buy-in from employees. Asking them what kinds of toys and games that they remember from their childhoods will help you really nail the era of items to which you should cater. If you wanted to have a whole group activity, you could arrange some old-fashioned bingo, or if you want something that appeals to everyone, you could run many different stations. This party lends itself to having tangible things to give to employees, which can be daily reminders of their teamwork and fun times together.

50s Soda Bar

For other event ideas for an Atlanta event, a 50s soda bar theme offers the perfect amount of nostalgia and fun for all. Maybe your employees want a classic soda or a delicious ice cream treat. Whatever the case, this is a great way to gather a group of people around shared nostalgia. This type of event really lends itself to a costume contest. It will be so much fun to find out who has the best poodle skirt or which one of your employees looks the most like Danny Zuko when they don a leather jacket. If you have many different teams who work for you, perhaps one group could be the Pink Ladies or the T-Birds.

If your employees enjoy dancing, a classic sock-hop would be a great way to see who has the best jitterbug or boogie woogie. All of this can be served up with classic color schemes and lovely treats for all to enjoy. Taking a trip down memory lane with your employees will be sure to raise morale and allow everyone to be creative, involved and excited.

20s Speakeasy

If you are looking for more of a nighttime affair for your event, a dazzling 20s speakeasy is sure to impress and delight. With the 2020s here, this will undoubtedly be a crowd favorite. Gangsters, flappers, bartenders and tramps will all flock to the bar. Send out fantastic themed invitations to pique the interest of all involved. Then, greet your employees at the door with a password that has something to do with your company in Atlanta to increase the mystique and intrigue of the night.

Have a drink special that is tailored to your company, team or employees. This type of party also lends itself to a costume contest, but it can be more directed. Assign characters at the outset and see who embodies their character the most with their costume. Have a catwalk that leads to an old-time stand microphone where people can put themselves on display. The glamour, glitz and gold of the evening will leave people reveling in the ambiance. This is also a great opportunity to hire a performer or group to come to your company. Find your local Peggy Lee or big jazz band and live it up like prohibition is still here. 

Come as You Were Party

Perhaps your employees span many different generations and types of people, and one decade is too limiting. A “Come as You Were” party may be just the ticket to help employees understand more about each other while having fun and relaxing. This gives all kinds of people to show who they were at other points in their lives. Dressing up as your high school self may offer opportunities for discussion about how people grew up, where they came from and how their experiences were similar or different. They also can contribute to the decor of the party by bringing something that they feel represented the experience of the time they are embodying. This will lead to a hilarious hodge-podge of decor sure to catch the eye and spur conversations.

Accessing the nostalgia of all of your employees will help with buy-in for all parties, and it can lead to an increased understanding of how to make your teamwork more efficient as you may learn about past experiences that inform how people work and make decisions. If your planning committee wants to go even more in-depth, they could ask everyone for a song or two from the era they are going to represent. This would both cultivate the music for the event in a fairly simple way and make everyone feel included and valued.

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